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  • Marguerite Gaspar, M.S., Director

Reclassify your student-athlete before high school…8th grade is the time!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Athletic training is optimized during the 8th-grade Gap Year

Today, many student-athletes choose to repeat 8th grade in order to reclassify for high school sports. By completing an extra year of 8th grade, the students enter high school as freshmen a year later, a year older, and with a reclassified graduation date. With an additional year of academic, social, and physical growth, students have the opportunity to train hard, study hard, and gain the skills that can place them at the top of their games without affecting CIF or NCAA eligibility.

Unfortunately, finding a school that will support your family’s decision to repeat a grade is no easy task. Schools are ranked on a variety of criteria including data relating to the number of students retained each year in each grade level. Each retained student negatively affects that rating. As such, neither public nor private schools are likely to offer retention in grade 8 as an option for their students, regardless of the benefit doing so may provide.

Enter the homeschool option. In California, when families choose to homeschool, the parents lead all education decisions, including grade-level placement. Choosing to homeschool for one year, families place their student-athletes in our Gap Year Program and then enroll their students in traditional high school the following year. We manage your school enrollment, provide report cards and attendance, and ease the transition from one school to the next.

Serving California homeschool families as a PSP for over 20 years, Talega Prep helps families plan, create, and implement tailored educational programs to best meet each student’s individual objectives. Your child’s best interests drive our program. We support your decisions.

Plan your Gap Year now. We would love to help you meet your goals!

Mrs. Gaspar has been supporting homeschool families for over twenty years.

Marguerite Gaspar is the Director of the Talega Preparatory Academy, a California Private School offering Satellite independent study programs to families seeking the utmost in educational freedom. Marguerite has homeschooled her three children, taught middle school science and math for over thirty years in California public schools, and has supported homeschooling families throughout the state since 2002.

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