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Reclass with a Gap Year 
Our Gap Year program is designed to give students the very best preparation for high school and is open to all students, athletes or otherwise.  While most students  reclass the year following 8th grade, all grades may be considered for a Gap year. In consultation with the family, a holistic evaluation will determine the most appropriate grade placement for each student and one that best ensures future academic, athletic,  social,  and emotional success. 
If your student intends to re-enroll in a public high school after completing the Gap Year, check with your Athletic Director to see that your high school of choice supports your reclassification.  If your student will attend a private high school, this should not be an issue for you.
Parents must carefully read and refer to their state's interscholastic athletic federation's Constitution and By-Laws before making this big decision.  Make sure that your athlete's age will not affect the reclass or eligibility for high school athletic participation.
Rules to Watch For 
Most state interscholastic athletic federations, BUT NOT ALL, start the eligibility clock when a student enrolls in high school and then restrict participation in high school sports to a maximum of 8 continuous semesters. Typically, registering for high school classes during 8th grade does not constitute enrollment. Rather, "enrollment" is considered to have occurred if your student has attended a high school class (even for one day), engaged in summer athletic training/practice with the high school team, or participated as a high school student in other high school student-only activities.
Rules in states vary. Be sure to read the By-Laws for your state's athletic association carefully and consult your high school athletic director if you have questions.
Gap Year students may not work out with the high school team during the summer between the first grade 8 year and our Gap year. This could trigger the clock and the student could become ineligible for competition in 12th grade. 
Gap Year students may not take high school courses to receive high school credit.
We strongly encourage families to steer far from the high school once the first grade 8 year has been completed. Do NOT enroll in or attend any high school classes or training camps. If you have already registered for high school, notify the school that your student will be attending a private school and ask them to remove your child from their roster.
Read your state's athletic federation rules carefully and contact the appropriate state office for guidance. The Athletic Director of your future high school may also provide guidance. Talega Prep is not affiliated with any state interscholastic athletic agencies and cannot offer legal advice. However, we can assure you that in the ten+ years that we have been offering the Gap Year, we have had no issues with our students' participation in high school interscholastic sports.




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