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The 8th-Grade Gap Year
Homeschoolers may repeat any school grade in order to give their student an extra year to mature.
As the teacher, the parent makes the decision regarding each child's readiness to advance to the next grade level. There are no special forms to complete nor any hoops to jump through.
Our Gap Year program is designed to give 8th-grade students the very best preparation for high school. Gap Year students may build athletic training into their school day, explore interests and learning topics of importance to them, advance their knowledge and skills, or fill holes in their prior learning. 
Whatever the reason, repeating a grade when homeschooling may be the key to your student's future success.
Gap Year Basics
How we do it…

At the end of 8th grade, your child enrolls with Talega Prep as an 8th-grade student for the following year. Enrollment is the same as for any other student. When the second grade 8 academic year is finished, your child enrolls at the high school of your choice as a 9th grader.


Talega Prep will obtain your child’s cumulative file from the previous middle school, provide a grade report for your year with us, and send your file to the high school as we would any other student. We will provide you with the tools to meet the legal requirements for homeschooling in California. Because your student remains in grade 8, the CIF eligibility clock is not triggered. 


Why we do it…

We recognize that many students are not ready for high school and will benefit from an extra year of growth before taking on this challenge. We work to provide families with educational alternatives that will meet their students’ needs.


What it is NOT…

The 8th Grade Gap Year is not a do-nothing year off nor is it just a repeat of the previous year. In order to repeat 8th grade, you will need to find a private school or homeschool program that will support and assist your family in meeting the California compulsory education requirements. Unfortunately, California public schools rarely retain students in middle school, even if they have received straight “F’s” for each semester.


Talega Prep helps your family follow the legal homeschooling requirements through enrollment in our private school satellite program.

Personal Consultations and curriculum planning and guidance are available at an additional cost.


For more information about the 8th Grade Gap Year, see our blog here. To arrange a personal consultation, contact us here.

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