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About Us

Helping Homeschoolers Since 2002

The Talega Preparatory Academy opened in 2002

when homeschooling mom, Jennifer Schmit, reached

out to her classroom teacher sister, Marguerite Gaspar, seeking an ISP umbrella program to support her local homeschool group members. A strong advocate of homeschooling, Marguerite was eager to help. 


In the years since our opening, we've seen public school classroom funding drastically reduced and instructional priorities transformed, focusing less on academic success and more on social planning. Schools and programs that once were the pride of the community are no longer satisfactory as great teachers flee, class sizes increase, and the demand to meet diverse student needs amid discipline problems, student crises, and litigation prove unmanageable. 


Meanwhile, political agendas infiltrate public education, leaving many families unhappy with the academic and social curricula. Furthermore, private school tuitions have skyrocketed, barring most families from those programs. Learning loss caused by responses to the Covid-19 pandemic have made many families realize the need for parents to take charge of their children's educations.

In response to these challenges, Talega Prep has grown to serve families throughout California.

Today, our mission remains unchanged.  We strive to provide families with the utmost personal freedom to educate their children in a manner that best serves each individual's needs, interests, and aptitudes while assuring you that the State's requirements are met.

With Talega Prep, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose what, when, and how each of your children will learn.  You are in charge, and we are here to support you in your plan.  

Veteran homeschool moms, Jennifer and Marguerite, opened Talega Prep over 20 years ago to support California homeschool families
With over 30 years teaching experience and 20 years of homeschool experience, Marguerite Gaspar is dedicated to serving homeschool families throughout California

Marguerite Gaspar, Director

Marguerite Gaspar, M.S. 

California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Supplementary Authorization, General Science

Reading Specialist Certification

Founder & Director

Marguerite Gaspar is the founder and director of Talega Preparatory Academy. She has homeschooled her three children and has been a California-credentialed classroom teacher since 1991. Above all, she is an advocate of educational freedom of choice: every child is unique, and this individuality must lead families to pursue the most appropriate educational setting for each of their children.

Jennifer homeschooled her three children from kindergarten through high school which led them to earn college degrees in math and computer science.

Jennifer Schmit, Advisor

Jennifer Schmit, B.S.

Mathematics, Statistics

CHN Local Contact

Homeschool Veteran, Blogger, Tutor 

Jennifer is the Co-Founder of Talega Prep and serves as our homeschool advisor to families seeking additional guidance in curriculum planning and design. She provides personalized consultation services in person or online. Jennifer also tutors students in all subject areas, with special expertise in higher-level math and statistics.


A veteran homeschooler with over 20 years of experience, Jennifer served for over a decade as a CHN local support representative and has worked as a statistician for the Department of Defense and in consumer marketing.   

Personalized consultations are available at the rate of $95/hr, in-person or via phone, email, or video conferencing. Services include homeschool guidance and getting started, individualized curriculum design, and transcript consolidation. Please use the form on our Contact Us page to find out if a personalized consultation is right for you!

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