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Before you begin your application, prepare your Parent and Student Information

As you complete your online application, you will be prompted to input information about your homeschool plan. Worksheets and samples are found at the bottom of this page to assist you.

We request only what the Ed Code requires. This includes:


Course of Study that describes the topics and resources each child will be using this year in each subect area and summarizes your intended coursework for the student. We do not expect this to be a detailed description of curriculum or lesson plans, and we understand that actual studies may vary from the intended plan.  A Course of Study is required for each student.


Statement that you are Capable to Teach. Because you are the official teacher of your homeschooled child(ren). EdCode requires us to maintain a record of our teachers' capability to teach. High school is fine. You may enter additional education received or work and volunteer experience.

Prior school information: You may find this information on the school’s website or by calling the office. The registrar’s email address is most important.​

Student Health Records: CA and Florida only


Immunization Record: State law does NOT require that your homeschooled child be immunized, nor do you need to provide an immunization waiver because you are enrolling in a home-based independent study program. HOWEVER, if your child has received ANY vaccinations, the state requires we request a copy of your shot record. If you vaccinate, please submit your immunization record below.


1st Grade Students Only - Waiver of Health Examination for School Entry. Download, complete, and submit the CA Waiver PDF found below.



Health Exam Requirement: K-12 students entering school in Florida for the first time must present documentation that a School Entry Health Exam has been completed within one year before enrollment. Florida state form DH3040-CHP-07/2013 or a comparable form will meet this requirement. If your student has previously attended any Florida school, this documentation is not required.


Immunization Record - The Florida Certification of Immunization, Form DH 680, must be used to document the immunizations required for enrollment and attendance in Florida schools. These forms are not available to the public and must be completed by a licensed Florida physician or advanced practice registered nurse or a Florida county health department.

FAMILIES RESIDING OUTSIDE OF CALIFORNIA OR FLORIDA: We will contact you should we require any health forms.

Tuition & Fees

Payment of Tuition and Fees is required and processed with your application. We accept most payment methods. 


Standard tuition for the Umbrella Program (non-Gap Year) is $330 per year for the first student enrolled. Additional children from the same family are only $30 per year each.

Tuition for the Gap Year Program is $450/year per student. 


A one-time-only $50 new student fee applies to each student upon enrollment.


High School students incur an additional $50 annual fee.

Online curriculum: Accelerate Education, Edmentum Courseware (both secular) or Ignitia (Christian-themed) $750 each per student per year.

Our Academic Support Package is an optional program available to families who would like their students to have weekly check-ins with an education facilitator (EF) who can help keep the student on track and focused on meeting their educational goals. $1500 per year. Enrollment is limited.

Tutoring is available with rates ranging from $45-$65/hour. Contact us to arrange a private online tutor for your child(ren). Enrollment is limited.

When you have gathered your necessary information and are ready to complete your application, click the button below to access our online portal. We look forward to having you join us!

Worksheets & Samples

Completed Worksheet

End of Year Reporting:


As the teacher, the parent will keep an Attendance Record and submit daily attendance to the school at the end of each year. We realize that homeschoolers are rarely absent from school, but attendance records are a legal requirement for all private schools. An Attendance Log will be provided with your enrollment confirmation.

As the teacher, the parent is responsible for providing an Assessment at the end of the school year. This does not have to be a detailed itemization of lessons or a portfolio of work. You may provide a narrative description of major accomplishments by subject area, books or chapters completed, new skills acquired, major projects, outside courses attended, etc.  Letter Grades are determined by the parent and submitted with the Assessment through our online parent portal. We will send you email reminders when the Assessment becomes due.


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