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Returning Families

All current families, click the button above to register for the new school year.

Homeschooled students participate in and achieve great success in athletics and other activities

New Family Enrollment

New Families Enroll in 4 Easy Steps:

Enjoy exploring and learning in the real world when homeschooling with Talega Prep.

Step 1: Prepare your Parent and Student Forms

Visit our Forms page where you will find blank forms, directions for completing each form, and samples of completed forms. Download and save your forms.


Step 2: Complete the Online Application and Upload Forms and Documents

Access the online application by clicking the button above. Upload your completed forms and documents when prompted. 

  • Teacher Statement 

  • Course of Study 

  • Records Transfer (You may include all students on one form)

  • Immunization Record, if you vaccinate. (Independent Study students are not required to be vaccinated.)

  • Waiver of Health Examination for School Entry


Step 3: Pay your tuition and fees.


When your forms have been reviewed, we will email an invoice to Parent #1. 

Once all forms and payments are received, you will be sent an official "Enrollment Confirmation." 

Step 4: Withdraw from your current school, if applicable.
You can officially withdraw your child(ren) from the current school after you receive our official Enrollment Confirmation. (
See our sample Withdraw Statement on the Forms page.) We will request the transfer of each student’s transcript and verify enrollment if necessary.

If you have any problems completing these forms or to enroll by mail, please email us at Thank you!

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the Umbrella Program (Independent Homeschool) is $330 per year for the first student enrolled. Additional children from the same family are only $30 per year each.

Tuition for the Gap Year Program is $450/year per student.


A one-time-only $50 new student fee applies to each student upon enrollment.


High School students incur an additional $50 annual fee.

Online curriculum: Accelerate Education (secular) or Ignitia (Christian-themed) $750 each per student per year.

Academic Support Package $1500/year per student.  (Enrollment is limited)


Contact us if you would like information about online curriculum and support

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