Seeking an alternative to the online or other distance curricula your public school is offering? In the past two months, hundreds of parents have reached out to us dissatisfied with the level of academic rigor, course content, inconsistency, and uncertainty they have faced as traditional schools struggle to adapt to online or distance learning.


You have the legal right to educate your children using the curriculum and methods of your choice. As long as you are providing instruction in the core instructional areas of math, science, English, social studies, and physical education, the State of California homeschooling laws grant you great flexibility to plan, implement, and assess your student(s)' program.

Excellent curricula are available, both in print or online, that may be far better suited to your family's academic goals, personal values, interests, and schedules.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by your options, we have narrowed down the field to a few tried and true programs that are easy to implement, affordable, and flexible. You will find these recommendations highlighted in green on our Homeschool Resources pages. 

At this time, we are maintaining an interest list, continuing to offer our Umbrella Program and online consultation services, and developing plans for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. We hope to help families organize coop learning and social groups, schedule in-home teachers/tutors, and provide guidance in creating and planning your Courses of Study.


Please use the contact us form below if you would like to be on our interest list. Be sure to leave a detailed message regarding what you are seeking for your family. We will put you on our list and reach out as our plans evolve. 

Contact us 

Please take some time perusing our website, exploring our resources, and your homeschooling opportunities. If you would like to be on our Covid19 online homeschool interest list, would like to schedule a private online consulation, or have other questions, please complete this contact form. We will get back with you as soon as possible. 

Our Umbrella Program allows families the utmost independence in planning, implementing, and assessing each child's education.
Umbrella Program features include:
  • Parent as teacher, including curriculum design, implementation, and assessment

  • TPA maintains each child's cumulative record of all necessary California Private School Documents

  • TPA Request Records from previous school(s)

  • TPA Maintains Attendance Records & Confirms Attendance 

  • TPA Verifies Enrollment

  • TPA Ensures Maximum Privacy

  • TPA Prepares Professional Transcripts (HS only)

  • TPA Provides High School Diploma

  • Consultation Services Available for an additional fee

Tuition for the Umbrella Program is $300 per family per year, plus $50 new student fee. High School students incur an additional $50 annual fee.  We accept persona checks, PayPal, and Venmo.

take control of


Unlike public, or public charter schools, Talega Preparatory Academy supports homeschoolers of all learning styles and methods including traditional classroom, Classical, Faith-based, and unschooling, among many others.  Recordkeeping is kept to a minimum, and you are completely free to educate your children as you see best meets their needs and interests. In order to provide families with this freedom and flexibility, Talega Prep is not currently Accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Whether your day is filled with sports training, rigorous academics, or daydreaming, Talega Prep gives you the freedom to plan and pursue your activities when it suits your family's schedule. You decide when and what to study, because you are in charge.

Freedom & Flexibility

to Plan & Schedule

Your Day, Your Way 



Being able to train full-time this winter, James has taken his game to another level.  The flexible schedule has been great.


Michael B

Thank you, Marguerite, for providing this service. I know that our time in Belgium and travels through India and the East were unconventional ways of learning, but I also know that they have helped shape him into the fine man that he has become. 

Francine B.





What a joy to have our kids home with us!  We are ALL learning so much and having fun together. Thank you so much for your help getting us started.


Jenna S

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