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Athletes Looking to Reclass Before High School, ask about our Gap Year!

Homeschooling offers your family a truly special time
to support each child's learning.

Our families enjoy learning together through field trips and fun family activities.

Real-World Experiences

Parent-Chosen Curriculum

Flexibility & Freedom to provide the best learning program for each child.

Our students learn together by baking and other creative and fun activities.

Serving Homeschool Families Since 2002
All the benefits of homeschooling
with the security of enrollment in an established private school,
free of public school mandates.

You do not need to follow the public school curriculum.

Find a local group of like-minded families for collaboration.

You decide when and what your children study because you are in charge. 

In our Gap Year program, elite athletes and other students gain maturity, academic knowledge, and skills while reclassifying before high school.
Your family may engage tutors or participate in outside learning activities in your community.

Umbrella Program Features:

  • Parent as teacher, including curriculum design, implementation, and assessment (Support Available)
  • TPA maintains each child's records of all necessary California Private School Documents

  • TPA Requests Transcript from previous school(s)

  • TPA Maintains Attendance Records & Confirms Attendance 

  • TPA Verifies Enrollment

  • TPA Ensures Maximum Privacy

  • TPA Prepares Professional Transcripts (HS only)

  • TPA Provides High School Diploma

  • Consultation Services and Extra Support are Available for an additional fee

Low annual tuition

with extra support available. 

  • The annual tuition for our independent homeschool program is $330 for your first child. Tuition for our Gap Year is $450/year.

  • $30 additional children in the same family

  • $50 one-time new student fee per child.

  • High School students incur an additional $50 annual fee which includes transcript preparation and diploma upon completion of the program.  

  • Additional support and programs are available at an additional charge.

  • Easy online payment.

  • Prompt, personal, professional service by veteran homeschool moms and credentialed teacher(s).

Our multigenerational enjoy sharing their homeschooling experiences.

See why our Families Love Homeschooling with Talega Prep!

Dear Marguerite, I can't tell you what a joy it is to hear my daughter so excited about math. She is thrilled that "she can do fractions". Every lesson with you she is so excited to learn and make discoveries.

Ann R

Thank you so much! We had a great year reconnecting with our son! He really matured and became much more responsible because of this gap year. We appreciate all your help!!! Greg P

Being able to train full-time this winter, James has taken his game to another level.  The flexible schedule has been great.

Michael B

We're so happy with how our first year of homeschooling has gone.  It took about 2-3 months but we found our groove and have seen great progress in both the boys.  Absolutely awesome! 

Tracy H

I must extend to you our gratitude and our blessings in working with you throughout these years, especially these last strange ones in this age of Covid. I hope you are aware of how your realm of flexibility and patience is a comfort to parents. I do hope you know.

Michael M

As you know, our daughter received offers to study two different courses at Kings College London, as well as two different courses at University of Edinburgh. She has selected the Joint Honors Geography and Social Anthropology program at University of Edinburgh. This university is ranked #20 in the World and this joint course of study is very flexible and expansive. With this program, she will graduate in 4 years with her Masters Degree. We simply could not have done this without your support and the flexible structure of Talega Preparatory Academy.


We are so grateful to you, Marguerite. 


Amanda D

Thank you for all the homeschool help! Sian F.

We have had the most amazing year of home learning! In addition to the information listed on our assessment, there are so many areas in which we were able to dive further and became part of our regular day.  It was a truly special time to support learning, travel, and time with family, and we're incredibly appreciative.

Kelly B.

We can't be happier with the decision to homeschool.  Thank you for everything - We are looking forward to the next homeschool year 5th and 6th grade.  WOW!!!
This year has been a great experience. I’m glad Kyle had the opportunity to try so many new things this year and have some time to grow and mature before starting high school. He is well prepared to start this August. Appreciate all you’ve done to enable this year for him.  Aimee

Marguerite, Your guidance really showed us how to homeschool. Now, we are confident that our kids are getting the best education possible. J & D

Thank you, Marguerite, for providing this service. I know that our time in Belgium and travels through India and the East were unconventional ways of learning, but I also know that they have helped shape him into the fine man that he has become. 

Francine B.

Talega Preparatory Academy   Homeschool, Your Way!
San Clemente, CA . Palm Coast, FL

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