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California School Vax Mandates: Parents and Teachers Plan Walkout for Monday, 10/18

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

To attend on-campus classes, full Covid-19 vaccination will soon be required of all California students, ages 5 and up, per Governor Newsom’s October 1st announcement. Drug manufacturers are now running tests and petitioning the government for full approval of their Covid-19 vaccinations for children, leading schools to anticipate the mandate will be effective as early as late fall 2021 or winter 2022.

In response to this new mandate, California Parents and Teachers have scheduled a statewide walkout for Monday, October 18th, encouraging families to keep their children home from school in a show of solidarity against mandated Covid vaccinations for children as young as five years old. News of the walkout is spreading on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and others. Areas throughout the state are planning rallies or other peaceful protests to mark disapproval of the vaccine requirements for young children.

Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children may have online options available to them through their public schools. However, research has shown dramatic drops in student learning and achievement during online and hybrid learning since the beginning of the pandemic.

California parents may help their children build back academic skills and avoid further learning loss by independently homeschooling their children.

According to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, California law allows parents to legally independently homeschool their children by choosing one of these three options:

1. Join a Private School Satellite Independent Study Program, or PSP.

2. Create and register their own private school following the guidelines posted on the California Department of Education website.

3. Hire a credentialed private tutor.

Because homeschooling has become increasingly popular over the last two decades, a vast array of high-quality educational curricula and guidance are readily available to homeschoolers, much of which far exceeds that available in public school virtual or hybrid learning programs. Many materials are available at your local library, on Amazon, or via a quick search on the internet.

If you are investigating homeschool as an option for your children, below you will find links to help you find resources and support in your search. Independent homeschooling is very different from what your children have been experiencing in online or hybrid classes. You will find great joy in homeschooling, outstanding academic curricula, and the freedom to find just the right materials, topics, and activities that will best suit and stimulate each of your children.

Give independence a chance. You’ll be happy you did!

The Homeschool Mom Curriculum Reviews The Homeschool Mom is a fabulous site with articles, ideas, reviews, and everything a new homeschooler may need to get started and keep going!

Complete Learning Objectives and Curriculum Guidance by Grade Level This homeschool website is based in Texas, but the learning objectives may be followed by students in California. Most items described may be found free at your local library or purchased at minimum cost.

Homeschool Basics Homeschool organizations, curriculum recommendations, homeschool styles, including links to our families’ favorites.

Newsom Issues Vax Mandate

Marguerite Gaspar is the Director of the Talega Preparatory Academy, a California Private School offering Satellite independent study programs to families seeking the utmost in educational freedom. Marguerite has homeschooled her three children, taught middle school science and math for over thirty years in California public schools, and has supported homeschooling families throughout the state since 2002. She is committed to helping students and families homeschool, their way.

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