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Charter Schools face Budget Cuts in Biden’s latest Appropriations Bill

In another assault on our nation's Charter School movement and alternatives to government-run public schools in general, Joe Biden and congressional Democrats propose a $3.5 trillion budget plan which provides $65.6bn for K-12 education for the upcoming fiscal year, an increase of $25billion. The bill more than doubles the size of the Title I program for disadvantaged students, taking it from $16.5bn to $36bn, and would provide funding increases for educator development, English-language learners, the Education Department’s office for civil rights, including CRT, revisionist history, and comprehensive sex-ed, among many other mandated programs. Notably, the legislation would cut funding for the Charter Schools Program from $440m to $400m and would prohibit federal money “from being awarded to charter schools run by for-profit entities.”

Charter schools throughout the US consistently outperform their public school counterparts in academic growth and achievement for economically and socially disadvantaged students as well as students of color. It seems that the embedded education bureaucracy along with powerful teachers' unions simply do not like the competition educational alternatives offer families, especially those who cannot afford private schools. Meanwhile, those same bureaucrats and legislators almost unanimously send their children to costly private schools.

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