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Two Programs - One Purpose

Our goal is to serve the needs of our homeschooling families affordably while assuring the utmost in freedom, privacy, and security.


Talega Preparatory Academy PSP

Athletes 1st Academy - A1A


Talega Preparatory Academy PSP is our fully independent PSP umbrella school for families who seek the utmost freedom and flexibility allowed under the law while also maintaining maximum personal privacy.


We register with the state so that your personal information will not appear on any published list open and available to the public. 

Families are free to choose any curriculum that they feel will best serve their students' needs. No work samples or meetings are required. Parents are 100% in charge of their students' educational planning, implementation, and assessment. 

Parents need only submit the minimum documentation required by the state. In most cases, this is a Course of Study at the beginning of the year, and Assessment and Attendance records at the end of the year. 

Beyond this, you are free to homeschool your way!

Click here for additional PSP details.

Athletes 1st Academy, or A1A, is our PSP program for elite athletes and includes our popular Gap Year program. Our athletes are free to choose their own curriculum or one of ours--Accelerate or Ignitia online.

Optional Services Available


Online Curriculum, Support, and Consultations


When homeschooling with us, you are free to purchase and use the curriculum of your choice. The cost of the curriculum is not included in your tuition.

If you find choosing a curriculum daunting, you may schedule a consultation so that we may help you. Consultations are held by phone or Zoom. $95/hour or portion thereof with the first hour paid in advance.




You may purchase one of the two online curriculum options that we provide: Accelerate Education (secular) or Ignitia (Christian-themed).

Both programs are entirely self-paced so your children may work at their own speed, when and where their schedules allow.

Both programs feature automatic grading of much of the student's work. However, various written assignments may require grading to be done by the parent. A teacher's guide is provided with both programs to make grading easy.


When you select one of these programs, we will enroll you with the publisher, manage your grades, and transfer them to your Assessment at the end of the year. 

Each of these online programs is available through Talega Prep and A1A for an additional cost of $750/student per year.​​​

Accelerate Education


Accelerate offers rich, engaging standards-based courses for students from a secular (non-religious) perspective and is available for all grades K-12.  Students are engaged in a variety of activities and assessments including labs, journals, written assignments, discussions, and written exams. 


Students can explore a variety of interests through Accelerate’s Career and Technical Education (CTE), elective, and world language course offerings. 


Accelerate has a strong focus on literacy, especially for the earlier grades.  Reading aloud, building vocabulary, independent reading experience, writing skills, and speaking and listening practice are the tools Accelerate uses to build strong learners. 


While content is delivered through an online platform, hands-on opportunities are also a part of the courses in the early grades which require activities to be printed.  Also, some courses require additional materials that are usually found around your home.  

Accelerate Highlights:


Ignitia is a versatile online Christian curriculum with dynamic, Christ-centered lessons and interactive features designed for students in grades 3-12. 


Ignitia lessons include more than 50,000 multimedia elements including interactive games, audio and video clips, external web links, and off-computer assignments


Most of the lessons are automatically graded with answer keys or guides that make grading easy.  Ignitia features easy-to-use navigation, Bible courses for grades 3-12, and a handy notes tool.

Ignitia Highlights:

  • Aligned to national and state standards

  • User-friendly for both student and parent

  • Text-to-speech allows students to hear selected passages or entire lessons

  • Translates lessons into over 20 different languages

  • Powerful easy to use reporting

  • Assignment list that shows students what is due each day

  • AP courses and over 40 career courses

  • Click here for Course Catalog, Course Overview, and Scope and Sequence


How to order Accelerate or Ignitia

If you would like to use Accelerate or Ignitia as your homeschool/Gap Year curriculum, choose either of them as an option when you complete your online enrollment form.  If you would like to purchase any of our services at a later date, just send us an email and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

Academic Support and Consultations

Our goal is to provide families with independent study options at an affordable rate. Our PSP programs are designed to give parents the freedom and security of private school enrollment at a very low cost. For families that would like additional support, we are here for you and offer additional services with ala carte fees. 


Academic Support Package

Our Academic Support Package is an optional program available to families who would like their students to have regular check-ins with an education facilitator who can help keep the student on track and focused on meeting their educational goals. The Academic Support Package includes up to one (optional) weekly meeting with the student, up to two (optional) meetings per year with the parent(s), help with choosing or changing classes, help resetting quizzes, and limited email support.


The Teacher Support Package is available ala carte whether you use our online curriculum or your own. It is a nice way to have a third-party check-in with your student for progress updates, goal setting, and more.

When homeschooling, the parent is the official teacher of record and is in charge of creating and implementing each student's instructional program. As such, the parent will still play the major role of guiding lessons and answering student questions. Our educational facilitator will act as the student's support system, helping your student maintain adequate progress and providing a layer of accountability to the student as an incentive to continue on their academic path.

The Academic Support Package is offered at an additional $1500/academic year per student

Personal Consultations


Personal Consultations are provided to parents who would like assistance planning and implementing their homeschool or Gap Year programs. In a consultation, we may discuss the homeschool and Gap Year process in detail, help determine personalized learning goals and learning styles of each student, assist in creating a Course of Study by offering recommendations based on the student's needs and interests, and answer specific questions parents may have before, during, or after the homeschool/Gap year. 

Homeschool Consultations are available to anyone interested in learning more about the homeschooling process including methods, curricula, activities, and homeschool groups in your area.  You do not need to be a student to utilize our consultation services.

Consultations are offered at the rate of $95/hour or portion thereof, with the first hour paid in advance.

Transcript Consolidation


Transcript Consolidation services are available to students who have been independently homeschooled but now require an organized, professional transcript for college, career, or other purposes.

During the Transcript Consolidation process, we will work with you to organize your homeschool experiences into subject areas and determine the appropriate unit credit to be provided for each experience/course. The Transcript Consolidation process includes the issuance of a professional, official transcript and homeschool diploma. $250/academic year of courses consolidated on the transcript. 


For high school students transferring to A1A or Talega Prep from another high school, a flat rate of $100/year of transfer courses consolidated onto our transcript will apply in addition to the high school tuition rate.



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