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California State Education Code requires that private schools maintain records of certain teacher and student information. This information is kept private in your child's file and is not shared with the state. Contact us to confirm your state's rules.


Our forms were designed to minimize the administrative burden for parents while complying with the applicable Codes.

Enrollment Forms to Complete Now:


Worksheets and Forms

Enrollment Worksheets and Forms to make Registration Simple
Mail in Enrollment ONLY
Explore the natural world with real hands-on experiences when homeschooling

Complete your online enrollment application and upload these forms to the final page of your application: 

1. The Teacher Statement is similar to a résumé and documents that you are “capable of teaching.” We need only one Teacher Statement for each family, even if you are enrolling more than one student. 

2. The Course of Study summarizes your intended coursework for the student. We do not expect this to be a detailed description of curriculum or lesson plans, and we understand that studies may vary from the intended course based on student interest, travel, change in teaching methods, etc. Think of this outline as a list of your primary resources, major topics, and perhaps project ideas. Please complete a Course of Study for each student.

3. A Records Transfer must be completed and signed so we can request your child’s records from the current school. If you are registering more than one student, please complete a form for each school from which we need to request records. If your child has not attended a school prior to Talega Prep, you may skip this form. 

You will upload and submit the above forms on the final page of your online enrollment

After you have received an e-mail confirmation of enrollment, you can officially withdraw your child from your current school. A simple business letter, addressed to the school principal, is all that is required. You will find a sample letter on the sidebar.

Completed Worksheet &


Year-End Worksheets and Forms

Forms to Complete Later:

When enrollment is confirmed, we will arrange for the completion of these health forms:


The Immunization Record is Department of Health Services form PM286B, the “blue immunization card” that we are required to maintain with your child’s permanent record.  As of January 1, 2016, the Personal Beliefs Exemption is no longer offered.  Homeschooled students are NOT required to be immunized.  However, we are still required to maintain a copy of the Immunization Form in each child's file, regardless of the number of or absence of vaccinations.   

The Health Exam Waiver is Department of Health Services form PM171B. We will provide this form to you upon confirmation of enrollment.

As the teacher, the parent shall keep an Attendance Record and return it to the school at the end of each year. You can print an Attendance Record using the link in the sidebar.  We will provide you with email reminders when this form is due.

Keep this attendance record with your school papers at home. Mark any student absences on the calendar with an “X” or other identifying mark. We realize that homeschoolers are rarely absent from school, but attendance records are a legal requirement for all private schools.

4. As the teacher, the parent is responsible for implementing the student’s Course of Study and providing an Assessment at the end of the school year. This does not have to be a detailed itemization of lessons or a portfolio of work. Instead, refer to your Course of Study and list major accomplishments by subject area: books or chapters completed, new skills acquired, major projects, outside courses attended, etc.  We will provide you with email reminders when it is time to complete and send us the Assessment.

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